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Hunting, corck tree, mediterranean forest. Huelva

Dehesa of 998 hectares, divided in half by the regional road HU-5401 from Huelva to Portugal. The trees are holm oaks in their entirety, of good quality and not very high density. The farm has new, complete and high-capacity facilities for the breeding of Iberian pigs with their own feed mill, primal feedlots, delivery rooms for 200 mothers, plus another 150 mothers in campsites; which gives a breeding capacity of about 9,000 piglets / year; for which 1,200 mothers are required to rotate in 3 batches, plus 120 boars and with the capacity to fatten in montanera for 550 pigs. The farm currently has a much lower occupied capacity with only 165 pigs for montanera of the property plus many others in replacement. In addition, it currently houses 1,000 Merino sheep, although in previous years it has had 3,000. The trees are not affected by the “dry” affecting other areas of the province. It has as accessory exploitation of big and small game, which they sell for € 12,000. The farm has 46 fences of cattle mesh with ponds in each of them and has a very extensive border in its eastern and southeast part with the Chanza reservoir.

Data sheet

  • Ref: 019
  • Surface: 998 Has
  • Province: HUELVA
  • Area: Huelva
  • MainHouse: Yes.
  • Housing for employees: Yes
  • Other constructions: Yes. Those necessary for lives tock exploitation
  • Power supply: Yes, from electric company
  • Water: Well prepared, with wáter distributed throughout the farm
  • Closed:  Livestock perimeter fence
  • Access: Very close to road
  • Farm type: livestock,forestry,dehesa
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